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Director of Galloping to Give

Henry Kimbell

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius. 

A lifelong racing fan, Henry Kimbell is delighted to now have the opportunity to combine passion with a profession. 

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About Us

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In around half a century of following racing, I had very successfully dodged owning so much as a whisker of a racehorse - until I met Henry Kimbell.

After early resistance I succumbed to become, at first an apprehensive but now a proud member of the Old Stoic Racing Club. It has been a joy, especially experiencing the fabulous exploits of Jonny Portman's filly Mild Illusion whose performances on the racecourse exceeded our wildest dreams.

However, it's not all about winning, the involvement is also exciting and Henry keeps members well informed about our runners and provides excellent feedback whenever we have a runner.

Racing is often a complex sport and so through Henry’s new venture in Galloping To Give sharing those golden moments at the yard, on the track or at the sales is what it's all about. I encourage you to take one of his packages and hopefully I will meet some of you on a racecourse soon.

Robert Cooper,

Presenter Sky Sports Racing

We have been working with Henry for a few years before he established Galloping To Give.

He helped us set up and establish a successful racing syndicate to raise funds and awareness for Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Cheltenham.

Despite living in Cheltenham, we are novices in the racing world and Henry made everything very simple including explaining some of the basics.

The syndicate was a roaring success raising over £25,000 for our Centre as well as important awareness of our cause within the racing world and attracting new donors.

Thank you Henry and best of luck with Galloping To Give - the perfect way to introduce charities to racing.

Anna Mason, Fundraising Manager for the Maggie’s Centre in Cheltenham

Quickfire Q&A with Henry

Why horse racing?

“I have always been fascinated by the sport. It intrigues me as it so unique and incomparable to many others - the elements that come together to get the thoroughbred onto the course ready to do themselves justice is quite incredible.”

What is your earliest memory?

“Party Politics winning the 1992 Grand National - when it was around the time of the General Election. Not that I was old enough to vote back then!”

What has been your favourite racing moment?

“Two if I may....

Nenuphar Collonges winning at the Cheltenham Festival in 2008. My father part owned him with a couple of good family friends. Heading into that hallowed area of the winner’s enclosure with a horse your family part owns is something beyond special!

Mild Illusion winning a Listed race at Newmarket on ITV Racing for the Old Stoic Racing Club. A Racing Club that had taken a good two years to get going and those first couple of seasons were quite tough so this was a reward that was beyond everyone's wildest dreams!”

What do you consider the best racecourse and why?

“Newbury. A lovely fair track which has excellent racing both over jumps and on the flat. Plus, it's my local childhood course.”

What are your aspirations for Galloping To Give?

I feel there is a gap in the market for someone to take the time to assist businesses, charities, and also individuals in learning more about horse racing. There is a perception it’s quite a complex sport to understand, which I would agree with as, for example, it has its own betting language! That said, Galloping To Give has the skills and expertise to bring down some of those barriers and encourage more people to learn to follow certain horses and trainers. This ultimately will bring more people to the races regularly for business activities, feeling more confident in what they are watching and talking about.


Our Values


If someone is encouraged by something that happens, it gives them hope or confidence.


Enjoyment is the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction you have when you do or experience something that you like.


Learning is the process of gaining knowledge.


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